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Building surveyors perform property surveys every day and provide valuable information for potential purchasers. A buyer of property can ask a surveyor to examine the infrastructure and create a condition report. Home buyers, as well as mortgage lenders, can use the condition report to get valuable details about the property's safety. Potential property buyers find it helpful to have a qualified building surveyor inspect the property for any potential issues that could impact its overall value. A HomeBuyers Report survey is one of the most frequent types that a building inspector conducts. It is an intensive and comprehensive survey which identifies all structural issues related to the walls and foundations. Building surveyors will conduct a HomeBuyers' report survey to address issues with electrical and plumbing. Important to remember that Homebuyer's Reports can only be done by licensed and experienced builders surveyors. In order to value the property, mortgage lenders and insurers often ask for a Homebuyer report. A property in Austin represents a large investment, even though Austin home prices have declined by roughly 6% in the last year. A professional building inspector is recommended for potential property buyers before finalizing any negotiations. The professional inspector will detect costly problems that may be needed and notify you if they are. Unexpected repairs may be costly and create financial hardship for new owners. With clients, building inspectors are open with them and will reveal any hidden costs that may be associated with structural conditions of the property. A building inspection can be overlooked by potential property buyers, particularly if they have been assured that all issues will soon be rectified before new owners acquire the property. The different kinds of inspections that a surveyor might perform include those with different details and complexity. Building surveys are limited to the structural and foundational aspects of a building. Experienced inspectors can create a Level 3 Report that contains detailed information regarding the water and gas system of the property.

Should I hire a professional building inspector if I intend to purchase a recently built house?

Building inspectors recommend that every property up for sale should be inspected by a trained surveyor, regardless of its age. Building surveyors can perform a specific type of inspection called a snagging’ survey. These surveys are performed for new building constructions. The objective of a "snagging" survey is to assess the condition of the building in accordance with the federal building regulations. A property that is unsafe for construction materials like asbestos may be considered unsafe. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency in 1989 prohibited imports of new asbestos products. But asbestos continues to be used in U.S.-traded products. More than 122,000 Americans have lost their lives from asbestos exposure. Each year, many are adversely affected from working with or coming in contact asbestos materials. More than 1.3 million Americans are directly exposed when working in the construction and related industries. Asbestos-rich work environments are hazardous to the long term health of workers that have been exposed for prolonged durations. Although asbestos-based materials have become less popular in America in recent years, Asbestos is still present in various products sold in Austin today. Asbestos is responsible for the majority of deaths related to work in the world.

Are there any ways I can have my home tested for asbestos in the first place?

Inhaling dangerous fibers from the air can occur when asbestos-containing material is disturbed. These fibers are harmful to the human body. They can be inhaled and continue to cause damage over time. They are tiny and easy to inhale. This can cause serious long-term health consequences that may even be fatal. Hire a certified building surveyor to make sure your home is not affected by asbestos. An experienced building surveyor can help identify any asbestos and recommend steps you should take to get it out and keep your family safe.

Exposure to asbestos for long periods of time is directly connected with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma can occur on the outside of your body's internal organs. Mesothelioma can affect the functioning of the lung and the lining. It can cause serious damage to the heart and other organs. This type of cancer also has high death rates. Mesothelioma often is not treated by doctors as it is in its final stages. Asbestos-related lung tumors, which are also called lung cancers, are nearly as common than any other kind of cancer. The long-term effects of asbestosis, also known as chronic asbestosis, can be permanent. It can cause scarring that may lead to shortness or even death. Exposure to asbestos can lead to pleural thickening. Pleural thickening (an asbestos-related condition) causes the lining or pleura of to thicken. This can lead to paralysis or long-term pain and reduce life expectancy.

Why were Asbestos widely used in the United States?

Asbestos, which is a naturally occurring mineral in the earth's crust, has a high resistance to heat and corrosion. Because of these properties, the material can be used to make cement or insulated roofing.

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