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100 N Edward Gary St A, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 100 N Edward Gary St A, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA
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Google Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars (90 total ratings)

Shireen Rickelman
1 Star
I was so excited when I found such an affordable apartment (Chestnut Place Apartments). I should have know there was a catch. When I toured the apartment it smelt funky but I was told it was because there ac had been off for a couple of weeks so it was just stuffy. I thought this would not be an issue at all, I was wrong. When I started moving my stuff in I quickly realized the smell was not just “stuffy” it was mold. There was mold under the sink, in the cabinets, in the drains, faucet handles, toilet tank, you name it, there was mold on it. The apartment had also clearly not been cleaned. I requested that they had it cleaned. It was still disgusting (see pics for reference). I put work orders in daily because I kept finding issues with the apartment (toilet wouldn’t flush, closets were broken, no ac filter, several lights out, wasp nest, ceiling fan not properly mounted and hanging out of the wall, mildew growing over all of the kitchen cabinets, it was never ending). Maintenance would come and only fix the small this. The mold, ceiling fan, mildew and wasp nest were never addressed. The final straw was when I came home to a maintenance man vacuuming water out of my apartment because he had flooded my toilet. It caused a leak in the downstairs neighborhoods ceiling and you could clearly see a ring around my tub and toilet from her bathroom. The ceiling was very compromised. It was just a matter of time before the tub fell through. They sent an inspector out to look at the mildew all over the kitchen. He agreed it was mildew, Skiles emailed me saying that it was “just settled dust”. I’ve never seen settled dust that was brown and looked like chewing tobacco have you? It became very clear that they were not taking the condition of the apartment seriously and they found my constant calls and work orders inconvenient. They agreed to let me out of the lease. Thank God. I think they only did this because they have no intention of fixing any of these issues and they just plan to rent it out to someone else in the exact same condition. This place is sick, these people don’t care, no idea how they are in business. I also recommend reading their other reviews. I didn’t before I signed and if I would have I could have avoided this nightmare.
Thursday 19th May 2022
Kenneth Hunley
4 Star
Been renting from them for two years. Never really had a problem. Understanding when you need a little time on rent.
Saturday 4th June 2022
Abigail Woodson
1 Star
They want you to put an application fee and 1/2 the deposit before even going to see the place. That is extremely sketchy and predatory especially considering the terrible reviews about their property management. That is ludicrous and they know they can get away with it due to the housing market. Literally shame on you.
Sunday 3rd July 2022
Aziza Nahar
4 Star
I am staying in Skiles property since June 2020. They are helpful but it’s not in the apartment complex area which is inconvenient.
Wednesday 5th January 2022
Jonathan Crouch
2 Star
Skiles is one of the least expensive property management companies in town, and they certainly use this fact to their advantage when it comes to tenants and rigid policies. Here's a small list of what's happened to me in the last year: 1. I used the wrong debit card to make a payment online (card stolen, but saved in system). It bounced immediately so I put in the correct card, which it declined a day later. Apparently any bounced payments from the online portal, ANY, and you will be barred from using the online system for a year AND they charge you $25. I was notified 10 minutes before the office closed on the last day before late fees acrue. From then on, they required in-person money orders, as if I'm a liability, with no recourse. 2. Told me pest control would come monthly. Pest control came the first week we moved in and never again showed up. 3. After 7 months of living here, suddenly required us to buy a $25 parking pass for each vehicle. No explanation, 15 days notice via text. 4. Fridge broke towards the end of my lease. Been several months since I put in a paper work order. Still dead. 5. Maintenance never announces when they are coming, resulting in us missing him every time. 6. Requires a notice to vacate before they will allow you to sign a lease elsewhere. Not uncommon, but they also require a tour of the unit for prospective applicants. Once our unit was listed, in the middle of us moving out, they scheduled a tour in our unit with strangers with, I kid you not, 18 hours prior notice, and refused to reschedule. I had to take work off just to make the place presentable. 7. Since moving in, my unit has not had a door number. It's been 14 months. 8. Applied for a unit that was listed online for $890. Got approved and upon heading to sign the lease, they bumped the price to $925, knowing darn well I had nowhere else to go. These seem like minor greivances, but the inability to work with tenants over common human problems leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The folks in the office have always been kind, but the policies are just too rigid for the quality of living. The prices are low, but there are places that will treat you better.
Thursday 17th March 2022